The process of transforming your garden

Each garden is different and if you’ve never had your garden designed before, I’m here to work with you to create your bespoke garden design package. Below is an overview of my approach from the very first time we meet to putting the finishing touches to your garden. I take you through a step-by-step process to create an individual design package for your dream garden.

01. Get In Touch

If you’re interested in having your garden designed, please call or email me with a few photos of your garden. Sharing as much information as possible will help me in so many ways, such as: 
  • How big or small your garden is
  • A wish list of ideas
  • Anything that needs to be removed or rectified
  • A sense of your budget
Get in touch with your garden design wish list. Tell me about your garden project.
Katerina Kantalis, Crystal Palace based Garden Designer

02. Initial Chat

It’s always best to have an initial chat over the phone or we can video chat. This will allow me to:
  • Get a clearer sense of what you would like for your garden.
  • How do you want to ‘live’ in your garden?
  • What type of mood or style would you like to create?
  • How much time do you have to spend maintaining the garden?
  • How do you want to move through the garden?
  • What is your budget?

03. Site Survey and Analysis

Once we’ve discussed your ideas for the garden, I arrange for a site visit to fully survey your garden as it currently is.
This includes:
  • Measuring your boundaries.
  • Plotting any existing structures, trees or vegetation.
  • Areas to hide or highlight, determining any unsightly views,
  • Areas of the garden that get the most sun or shade.
  • Is it a sloping garden?
  • Helpful reference photography and soil analysis are also taken at this stage.
site survey for garden project
BBC Gardeners world Chic Garden Getaway show garden

04. Designing Your Garden

With the survey complete, the creative process begins. All design assets will show you the proposed hard landscaping elements, focal points and features, and areas of the plant landscaping.

The design package includes:
  • The 2D concept plan, which gives you the ‘birds eye’ view of your garden. 
  • 3D visuals – which will either be hand-drawn or computer generated.
  • Mood boards which help to articulate my design plan, styling, the imagined atmosphere we’re trying to create. It also allows us to explore materials and textures.
  • Lighting plan with a proposed electrics plan for the contractor. 
  • A proposed plant list. The planting plan comes at a later stage in the project. 

05. Building Your Garden

Seeing your garden take shape is the most exciting phase of the design project. With the design confirmed we proceed to the next phase:
    • The design is transformed into detailed construction drawings which become invaluable for the contractor.
    • This package includes: all measurements, materials, strip out and any other critical information. 
This information is used to put out your project to a competitive tender and formulates the cost of the project. A detailed quote is then shared with you. 
I work with trusted landscapers and once work begins, I project manage the entire garden build and work with the landscapers closely to ensure that we have the best match for the site location and specifications.
construction plan garden design
Wimbledon urban tropical garden oasis

06. Planting Your Garden

To complete the garden transformation, I personally select and source all the plants and trees for your garden from the finest nurseries in the UK.  Having agreed a planting plan with you in advance, I’ll then plant the garden ready for you to enjoy! The planting is key to the success of your designed garden and it will allow for accurate pricing of plants. 

07. Caring For Your Garden

Your garden will grow and thrive and may need a little help to keep it looking its best. For those gardens I’ve been involved with from concept to completion, I offer a follow-up visit during the first year after completion, at an additional fee. This ongoing consultancy – typically scheduled in spring or autumn – gives me an opportunity to review how the garden is developing and discuss any areas that may need attention.

A garden escape to nature in Surrey Quays

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“To anyone considering having work done on their garden, and particularly if they want something transformative, we don’t think they could choose anyone better to design and deliver that than Katerina.  My only hesitation in recommending her is that we want her to be free to transform our front garden next year!”

Satish & Amanda