Gardening Services

Garden Design & Build

This service offers the full design consultation process – from concept to completion. This includes a site visit, 2D and 3D design, moodboard, lighting and planting plans, and the construction plan for the landscape contractor.  I then oversee and project manage the full garden design build using professional landscaping contractors.   

Garden Design Only

Is your garden feeling tired or perhaps you’ve inherited a garden that doesn’t suit your purpose and style? You may only need a design only service. to help bring your new garden to life.

This will include 2D/3D designs, moodboard, lighting and construction plan, and a proposed plant list. You will then source your own landscape contractor.  

Planting Design

Does your garden need a planting refresh? Or perhaps the existing plants have become overgrown and taken over? There is a plant for every soil and garden situation. They key is knowing how to pick the right ones.

I work with you to create schemes which suit the  light, aspect and soil type of your garden.  I can provide either a full revamp or help with selecting a few plants.

Garden Consultation

Looking for expert advice without redesigning your garden entirely? You can book for a one-hour personal video call to discuss your garden design issues. These sessions are a great way to quickly troubleshoot garden issues, in particular layout tweaks, planting suggestions and trouble spots.


Garden Aftercare

Gardens are living, evolving spaces and you need to ensure your garden grows with you. If you don’t have the time, or need some assistance  to look after your garden we can devise a personalised service perfectly tailored to your needs.  I not only maintain the gardens I design but can extend the services to all outdoor spaces, even if not designed by me. This service is charged on either an hourly or daily rate. 

Fruit & Veggies

Interested in growing your own fruit and veggies but not sure where to start? Don’t know what to plant from season to season or how to nurture your produce?  

Book an initial call so that I can devise a personalised service tailored to your needs.  This service is charged on either an hourly or daily rate. 

Garden Design Only 

  • Is your garden feeling tired and outdated?

  • Have you newly bought your garden and doesn’t match your lifestyle?
  • Would you like a garden to learn how to grow your own, encourage nature and create a new way of life for outdoor living?
  • Do you have a new build garden which is  a blank boring canvas?

  • Have you had building works completed and the garden is still a building site?

  • Have the plants taken over and you feel overwhelmed

This design only service may be just what you need to get you started.  

I start with a phone call to determine your requirements. A site visit will then be organised to allow me to measure your garden and take notes and images. Following consultation, a design brief and full site survey will be created.

Following the site visit, a design brief and full site survey will be created.

This will then be expanded to a hand drawn 2D design plan, 3D drawing, moodboard, lighting plan and planting plan.

A second meeting will be scheduled so that you can approve the design. This is the time to tweak the design and discuss preferred materials and features.

You will then be expected to project manage your own project and source materials and plants.

A review of your existing borders and planting, typically takes place during a 1-2 hour meeting at your home.

We can discuss what style, colour, impact of planting you want and how you will maintain the planting.

A site survey will be taken, which includes measurements and the soil pH, existing planting that will stay or be removed.

Upon review of your requirements I will produce scale plans of each planting area, indicating each plant with its name shown at its mature plant size.

You will be provided with a list of all plants, quantities, and pot size, for plant sourcing, as well as a brief description & basic care guide, pruning, and clearance.

Should you require I offer a full planting service, with delivery of all plants.

Planting Design

  • Do you want to add plants to your garden but don’t know where to start?
  • Would you like to make your planting beds to attract more wildlife and pollinators?

  • Do you like your garden but the planting needs refreshing?

  • Has your existing planting become overgrown and taking over?

Garden Consultation 

  • If you don’t need a full redesign then this could be a cost-effective way of improving your garden.
  • Sometimes there’s an area of your garden that you’re simply not happy with or you need a burst of inspiration. Areas with some expert advice that could transform the use of your garden space.
  • Does your garden need a layout tweak?
  • Do you have trouble spots where  plants aren’t growing; it’s too shady or too sunny?
  • Is your hard landscaping no longer fit for purpose?

    I will send you an email with a questionnaire before the webchat.

    During your hour, I will discuss what issues you’re faced with and will sketch or provide you with gardening suggestions.

    I can either discuss design or horticultural solutions.

    Whether it be plant choices, layout, screening off neighbours or rearranging what you’ve already got, it can help save you time and money. It’s also far cheaper than a full garden redesign.

    These hour-long online sessions are a great way to quickly troubleshoot garden niggles.

    Garden Aftercare

    • Once the garden is completed, I’ll happily offer my services to nurture and maintain your brand new garden as it matures, so you can be sure it will always look its best.
    • This may include a refresh of plants, including those that are in season, at an additional cost.